Oil and gas

Managing and maintaining safe and reliable pipelines is essential in the oil and gas industry. The execution of non-destructive tests allows to verify the integrity of the pipes, to prevent corrosion, to detect any leaks.


In the railway sector, the execution of non-destructive tests is one of the primary prerequisites on which the safety of the operation is based; these checks are aimed at verifying the structural integrity of wheels and axles.


In the energy sector, reducing operating and maintenance costs and increasing reliability is an absolute priority that can be achieved by applying reliable and performing monitoring techniques such as performing non-destructive tests.


In the automotive sector, the execution of non-destructive tests (CND) is required for the inspection of bodies, bearing systems, welds, including axles, wheels.


New materials and production processes in the aeronautical industry require increasingly efficient non-destructive testing (CND) both in production and during maintenance.

Earth moving machines

In the earth-moving machinery sector, non-destructive testing (CND) is a valid tool for quickly identifying any problems.


Non-destructive testing (CND) in the marine and naval sector is a valid tool for identifying any surface or internal discontinuities, measuring the thickness of materials, determining the position and size of any defects.