In addition to supplying the plants, penetration test service and chemical analysis, KRIOPE makes petroleum-free penetrant liquids available that are certifi ed according to the EN ISO 3452-2 standard that are suitable for all needs.

The fact that they are biodegradable means that the drain water can be discharged directly into the sewer, avoiding treatment and the collection of special waste, with signifi cant
savings on disposal costs and maintenance of purifi cation plants.

  • Products for all needs
  • Penetration inspection without generation of special waste
  • Analysis and optimization of production costs
  • Inspection techniques and systems
  • Dedicated and customized solutions
  • Chemical analysis service

Supplier for the car industry worldwide Research, Development, Production and Distribution

Penetration inspection (classic method)


  • Penetration of liquids with hydrocarbon
  • Obligatory treatment of discharged water
  • High investment – disposal expenses
  • Maintenance expenses for purification systems

Penetration inspection without generating special waste


  • Penetrating liquid free of oil
  • Highly bio-degradable
  • EN ISO 3452-2 certified
  • Used by BMW, DaimlerChrysler, VW and Audi
  • Placing the wastewater directly into the sewer (unless approved by the competent authorities)
  • No wastewater treatment
  • No accumulation of special waste


  • Slight increase in water consumption

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