For magnetoscopy and non-destructive testing

KRIOPE offers a vast range of accessories for magnetic-particle testing and non-destructive tests in general, such as:

Provette Castrol Strips per la verifica di difetti su particolari anche geometricamente complessi.

  • Samples for inspecting the sensitivity of main suspensions of fluorescent particles, of the product in use and type of luminescence.
  • Graduated tubes for inspecting the quantity of powder in the suspension.
  • Octagonal tubes for inspecting progress and type of flow, featuring artificial lengthwise, transversal and inclined cracks above or beneath the surface.
  • Berthold tubes.
  • Tubes for inspecting performance of linear and circular flow generated by the metalloscope (Ketos Ring circular penetration and prismatic penetration).
  • Castrol Strips for inspecting defects even on geometrically complex pieces.
  • Sprays, nozzles, hose holders, adjustable tubes, filters for detection composites.
  • Liquid guns for oil.
  • Plaits, markers, cables, push rods and push rod holders, handles and alloy plates.

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Our production line comprises a series of portable and fixed Wood lamp reflectors. They come with different power capacities …
Efficiency and application of the detector for magnetoscopic inspection are as important as correct magnetization …
Products for all needs. Penetration inspection without generation of special waste …
KRIOPE is able to supply different measuring instruments, sample instruments on trolley and table, gaussmeters, magnetic field meters …
KRIOPE takes care of your safety while you perform magnetoscopic checks …
KRIOPE offers a wide range of accessories for magnetoscopy and non-destructive testing …